Carnegie Mellon — IDeATe Building

Carnegie Mellon University - IDeATe Feasibility Study

Construction Cost

Completion Date

Gross Area
89,530 SF

For decades, Carnegie Mellon University has been at the cutting edge of arts and technology. IDeATe is the culmination of that knowledge and experience.

CMU supports significant integrative activities in the areas of media design, learning media and intelligent environments and is poised to be an international leader in integrative design — design that addresses efficiency and quality of experience issues in an integrative manner and aims to empower the user

This Feasibility Study report, completed for Carnegie Mellon University, documents the visioning and conceptual programming process for the proposed renovation of a warehouse facility on 6555 Penn Avenue to house the IDEATE program. The space intends to accommodate integrated Arts, Design and Technology programs as well as interdisciplinary and collaborative spaces. The current concept design layouts and report are derived from comments provided by the CMU committee and the faculty/users at several review meetings. The feasibility study includes an overall renovation scope study as well as a partial initial phase study.

The existing 89,530 square foot building needs to be renovated to meet the function- al, code required and technological needs of the new proposed IDEATE programs to be relocated within the building.

In addition to improving the functionality and aesthetics, the design will improve the building’s environmental quality and accessibility. Environmental improvements include adding a new storefront and cladding system to provide natural daylight and upgrading existing mechanical, electrical and plumbing with more efficient systems.