Carnegie Mellon University Laboratories

Carnegie Mellon University |  Mellon Institute Laboratories

Construction Cost
$3 Million

Completion Date

Gross Area
40,000 SF

Mellon Institute is a 350,000 SF historically significant research facility that is located in the Oakland section of Pittsburgh in the area known as the Civic Center District. It is a facility owned by Carnegie Mellon University, but has facilities within it that are joint venture operations of both the University of Pittsburgh and Carnegie Mellon University. It was constructed in 1920 to 1924 and at its opening was considered one of the most advanced research facilities of its kind. Its purpose was to foster joint research between the industry giants of Pittsburgh and the scientists at Carnegie Mellon University. 
The comprehensive renovation assignments have included the following: 
- Life safety analysis of existing construction and code mandated improvements to add chase enclosures and the fire rating of open utility riser banks. 
- Installation of in excess of 300 tons of VAV air systems for the operation of an aggregate of 50 new standard flow hood systems. VAV was selected for the potential savings afforded by the incremental use of air vs. the constant volume approach. 
- Use of standard bench and modular / flexible bench systems where the use was appropriate to the need. 
- Use of above bench utility “wings” to free up and promote flexibility of the bench area. 
- Design of research laboratory facilities for biologists, biochemists, chemists and synthetic chemist, containing hot labs, environmental rooms, cell culture rooms, vibration isolation facilities; all with an attitude of flexibility to accommodate inevitable modification and change.