Chevron Science Center (14th Floor)

University of Pittsburgh  |  Chevron Science Center Research Laboratories

©R3A / Ed Massery Photography

Construction Cost
$423 Million

Completion Date

Gross Area
8,667 SF

Excellence in Architecture for Building
Additions or Adaptive Reuse, Honor Award
AIA Pittsburgh 2012Excellence in Architecture, Honor Award
Boston Society of Architects / BSA 2012, Honor Award

R3A finished the complete renovation of the 14th floor of Chevron Science Center at the University of Pittsburgh. The robust concrete frame structure was the only feature remaining on the 14 floor after a comprehensive demolition operations removed all mechanical, electrical, fire protection and utility infrastructure back to the vertical risers serving the subject floors. The design team facilitated a “clean slate” upon which a new paradigm for providing teaching and research space could be written.

Safety of the building occupants is paramount in the current model for research and teaching space design.

In addition to enhanced space and multiple circulation and egress opportunities the new lab facilities are outfitted with high performance ventilation hoods which are the primary piece of equipment affording personal protection from the chemicals and solvents used in the synthetic chemistry wet lab environment. Lighting levels, air change rates, centralized dispensing of hazardous chemicals and gasses all act together to foster enhanced safety in a potentially dangerous environment. This design is the protoype for all future research floor renovations in the Chevron building.