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Construction Cost

Completion Date

Gross Area
9,700 SF

The Hill House Passport Academy is envisioned as a charter school for out of school youth. Its approach is to provide a blended learning model to fill a void in the current K through 12 educational options available.

Traditional classroom teaching (synchronous learning) will be blended with online education (asynchronous learning) that will occur both at school and at the students’ homes. The school is expected to accommodate 150 students in its first year of operation in 2 daily shifts of 4 hours each. An existing Senior service program building on Bedford Avenue (approx. 8,500 SF) will be renovated to accommodate this program. A new facade cladding system with renovated entry will be added on the exterior. The interior spaces will be gutted completely and renovated to accommodate the Passport Academy. Anticipated date of move in is Mid 2014.