Mansfield University

Mansfield University  |  Grant Science Center

Construction Cost
$9 Million

Completion Date

Gross Area
58,500 SF

Grant Science Center was originally constructed in 1950, and received a major addition in 1970. Since then, no significant interior changes have been made. This project, which includes major interior renovations and two small additions, will address the need for life cycle improvements for this science facility which houses the University’s Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Geology departments. The program includes improvements to general classrooms and laboratories, and expands the seating capacity and increases acoustical clarity in the existing lecture hall. Existing chemical storage rooms will be outfitted with high-density storage systems to increase their storage capabilities, while at the same time promoting safer storage of hazardous materials. The mechanical, plumbing and electrical infrastructure will also be improved throughout the building.

The additions to this project will add approximately 7,500 GSF to the facility. This new construction will provide a new ADA-compliant entrance to the facility, which will serve as a lounge /study area for students and faculty. This entrance is located immediately adjacent to the lecture hall, so that students waiting to enter the lecture hall can gather in a large, open area, instead of spilling into the common corridor outside of the classrooms. Below this new entrance, new dedicated vivarium and fishery facilities will be constructed, complete with separate animal holding and research areas, as well as living streams. The new construction program also includes new office and research labs for faculty, as well as ADA compliant restroom facilities.