R3A's Mission


Our Mission is to assist organizations in building brand equity through the integration of Design, Technology and Sustainability into their facilities strategy, because we are passionate about their success.

We believe that Design, Technology and Sustainability are among the most powerful tools that we as architects possess to stimulate positive change and create bottom line value within our clients' organizations.  The goal of Design for us is to shape environments that not only satisfy a client's program on time and budget, but that also engage the senses and facilitate positive human interactions and behaviors.  Similarly, the power of Technology can be harnessed to greatly improve the performance, convenience and efficiency of our daily lives.  

Sustainability affords us the ability to do all of this with an attitude of economy, conservation and innovation.  Ultimately, the congruence of design, technology and sustainability results in positive synergies between users and buildings, people and environments, and individuals and spaces that transforms the mundane into the extraordinary