Nazarbayev University Labs

Nazarbayev University Labs

Construction Cost

Completion Date

Gross Area
36,000 SF

The Nazarbayev University, School of Science and Technology in Astana, Kazakhstan is planning the interior fitout of several spaces on five levels of Building 7 for general classrooms, biology labs, inorganic chemistry labs, organic chemistry labs, physics labs, robotic and mechatronic labs, machine and electronic shops, computer labs, and lab support and storage spaces. The design objective for the project is to support the University’s mission of providing new and efficient, state-of-the-art teaching, laboratory and support spaces for its undergraduate program in science and technology.

Today’s teaching labs act as a flexible framework, accommodating student work groups, research zones and support equipment in multiple arrangements. Interaction between students and teachers occupying the same space has become more intentional, flexible and transparent to eliminate barriers and energize immediate and seamless collaboration. Classrooms and teaching labs must provide a greater level of visual and auditory contact between students and teachers, to allow for greater collaboration. Today’s teaching lab environment requires state-of- the-art lab equipment and scientific casework and energy efficient building infrastructure and services. Flexibility and adaptability of spaces to easily accommodate changing techniques in research and teaching methodologies is another important design criterion.