Carnegie Museum of Pittsburgh | SportsWorks

©R3A / Ed Massery Photography

Construction Cost
$4.8 Million

Completion Date

Building Area
28,600 SF

LEED Certified

The Carnegie Museums of Pittsburgh chose to design the relocation of the Carnegie Science Center’s Sports Works facility to further consolidate their programs onto its campus.

Project Design Features:
-The new Sports Works location provides a visual and direct connection to the Carnegie Science Center with their close proximity to each other.

-An expansive glazed curtain wall that wraps around the northeast corner of the pre-engineered building frame brings a transparency to the interior of the Sports Works that is in keeping with the mission of the Carnegie Science Center. The building’s transparency allows the Sports Works exhibits to figuratively reach out to visitors as they transition across the site. The theme of transparency allows the vibrant and dynamic exhibits housed within the facility to connect with the site and community outside the Carnegie Science Center’s campus.

- Visitors will purchase their tickets in the main Carnegie Science Center building and then proceed up a short exterior ramp to the mail entrance on the upper level from which they proceed down an interior ramp to the main exhibit hall. The second entrance on the ground floor will service groups and bus visitors.

- The upper level contains classrooms for the Science in your Neighborhood program, a multi-purpose room with spill-out space that will double as an exhibit area.

- The building utilizes recycled content, regional materials, and low-airflow paddle fans to circulate air in lieu of traditional duct-work.