Summa Technologies

Summa Technologies - Headquarter Relocation

Completion Date: 2016
Gross Area: 25,000 SF

R3A has been working with IT consulting and custom software development company, Summa Technologies, on the design of their new 25,000 square foot headquarters in Downtown Pittsburgh.  Currently, in the Pre-Programming phase, R3A has implemented forward-thinking design strategies to identify and analyze critical user-based spatial and functional requirements.  By means of these strategies, R3A has been able to identify and evaluate a variety of requisite data necessary for the design of a hyper-functional and experiential work place environment that expresses the values and culture of Summa.  The product of these strategies includes data informing: environment visioning and space planning concept development, staff workflow analysis, client interaction and experience strategies, and departmental programming and spatial adjacency analysis.  This form of evidence-based design will motivate R3A’s design process through the programming and design phases.  

Concurrently, R3A has been involved in assisting Summa Technology in the evaluation and analysis of potential office lease space.  During this process R3A has provided summary and documentation of existing infrastructure (including mechanical, electrical, plumbing systems), spatial compatibility with the client’s vision and company workflow, building security and context amenities for several potential lease spaces.  Using this documentation, R3A is currently performing test fit studies and right-sizing analysis to assist Summa in selection of their ultimate headquarters location.