2022 AIA Pennsylvania Impact
Design Merit Award

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Human-Centered Solutions

The way we live, work, and learn is changing, and our design approach responds to those changes.

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Making Space for Community

No matter what activity bonds you, we create space for communities to learn, assemble, and grow.

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Cutting-Edge Design

We work closely with our clients to reframe the challenges of today into the opportunities of tomorrow.

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Full-Service Expertise

We have designed everything from cafes, to classrooms, to a golf clubhouse. Whatever your challenge, we've got a solution.

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Co-Creating The Future

We push the boundaries of smart manufacturing in service of a better future for all.

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Client Experience:

Creating Connections That Last

An openly collaborative process is vital for creating spaces tailored to the people who use them. We take an empathetic approach to our projects, taking great care to understand our clients' needs and respond to them through design. In this way, our process blends human-centered design principals with architectural expertise to create built environments born out of strong personal connections.

Work With Us

Working with R3A has been joy. They created an environment that reflects and enhances our core values. From the initial ideation to the final punch list, they listened to and deeply understood our cultural needs and financial limitations. Their team provided thoughtful and creative insights while providing practical and flexible solutions. The process was delightful and the result is brilliant.

Chris Arnold, COO // Fred Rogers Productions

Creative Experience:

A Multidisciplinary Approach

We work closely with our clients to realize spaces that will serve them for years to come. As we tackle spatial challenges at all levels of complexity, we continually adapt to evolving technologies, pedagogies, and ways of moving through the world. This constant evolution and critique — asking ourselves ‘how do we work smarter, faster, more efficiently’ — results in built environments designed to face the challenges and demands of a rapidly changing future. Our diverse portfolio is supported by research and investigation into the latest advances in technology, sustainability, and design excellence.

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Team Experience:

Breaking Boundaries

Our team is unified by a ravenous curiosity and a passion for boundary-breaking design. While pragmatism is always a top consideration, we do not believe in such a thing as mundane space. Every site is an ecosystem with different resources, requirements, and workflows. Space not only influences a person’s ability to perform their work, play, or rest, but how they feel while doing so. As architects and designers, we believe that every built environment has the potential to positively affect someone’s day, year, or life via their interactions with it. Whether through intuitive pathfinding, ergonomic furniture fit-outs, or exciting aesthetic elements, we search out every avenue for creating positive change through design.

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