Community College of Beaver County
Community College of Beaver County
Community College of Beaver County
Design Goals

The project objective was to strengthen connections and engagement between the community and students by incorporating new technology, providing flexible furniture, improving the lighting, materials, and providing exposure to natural daylight. Three primary concepts were conceptualized as newly created neighborhood zones that connect to each other: Learning Resources, Library, and Support Spaces. These three disparate neighborhoods were then connected together through an Integrated Student Lounge. This student space became a network of open collaborative spaces the offered a variety of meeting, studying, and reading areas.

The circulation desk was centrally located to anchor the space. This allowed the Library staff to have visual access to the entire Library. Additionally, the central location promoted easy wayfinding for patrons and the community, and also symbolized the Librarian as the facility’s primary resource. The result was an open, airy and welcoming environment that offered a variety of flexible collaborative areas supported by the latest technology. The outdated learning center was revisioned into a vibrant socially and educationally engaging environment that offers a variety of spatial conditions for collaborations, individual study, socializing, and relaxation through bright and open space with clean/ modern aesthetic that is inviting, comfortable, efficient, and flexible.




38,000 sf.


Monaca, PA


Interior Architect


Circulation desk, private offices, administrative support office, monitored student testing room, conference room, open group areas, enclosed meeting rooms, open computer desks, tutoring center, computer lab, student café, library stacks, secluded study desks, classrooms, and large conferencing center.

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