The use of natural finishes such as wood, stone and deep colors adds to the calming spa-like atmosphere to help reduce patients’ and visitors’ stress levels due to the sensitive nature of this type of facility.

Completion Date



Monroeville, PA


25,550 sf.


LEEDv2.2 NC Gold

Landscaping on the site uses native and adaptive vegetation to reduce or eliminate the need for irrigation systems. An irrigation system was employed but it was designed to reduce potable water usage by at least 80%. Within the building low-flow fixtures and waterless urinals are used to reduce water use. The facility uses 42% less water than a building compliant with the Energy Policy act of 1992.

As construction waste is one the of biggest items to fill up landfills, special attention was paid to recycling as much of it as possible. Over 75% of the construction waste was diverted from the waste stream and sent for recycling. To minimize the impact on natural resources, materials were specified that contained recycled content, were sourced & manufactured regionally, or were of rapidly renewable materials. Items that contributed to sustainability were porcelain tiles, concrete, gypsum wall board, bamboo flooring, insulation, steel, carpeting, and many other environmentally friendly products & finishes.

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