Phase 1 Completed

2021; Phase 2 is underway.


111,305 sf.


Pittsburgh, PA


Classrooms, welcome center, multipurpose classrooms, computer lab, PLC Lab, auto repair labs, collision lab, HVAC labs, administrative and office space.


The organization of the project program components was driven by the following objectives: 1) Simplification of the building circulation; 2) Clear wayfinding and activate corridors by managing views and providing student interaction areas; 3) Integration of the administration, classroom and student areas; 4) Centralize student-focused administration; 5) Integration of various departments and disciplines; 6) Creating a more student centric / integrated area at the center of the building; 7) Glazing to put education on display; 8) Network of student interaction and collaboration areas. The result is a simplified circulation framework with defined educational neighborhoods.


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