Preserved plant installation was employed to both create a visual motif resembling vertical green computer codes while bringing an organic element into the space and playing off the skylight above.




Sewickley, PA


4,400 sf.


Renovation of existing Computer Science and Robotics Classrooms.

Unique Space

A distinct “break out space” was created within the classroom by rotating the orientation of the space, changing the flooring color, using furniture with rounded high backs, creating a unique millwork storage/whiteboard solution, and dropping the ceiling – which includes geometric acoustic felt modules, and circular pendant lights evoking the school’s seal.

Technology on Display

Designed to engage the rest of the student body and put Sewickley’s tech-focused curriculum on display, this room for Senior School Robotics is arranged to put full focus on robotics and mimic a traditional arena setting (hence the pendant light, exposed ceilings and emphasis on the center zone). The space also features integrated soldering stations (ductwork is located in a false wall behind the full height cabinets, and there are vents in the sides of the cabinets, adjacent to the butcher block counter), and 3D print zone.

Lego Robotics

For Middle School Robotics, the previous space was heavily underutilized, and the previous design of Lego robotics tables restricted the ability to add any additional instructional seating. R3A approached this room by creating two unique zones – instructional and active – one permanent competition table, and one flexible table. The content of the curriculum is put on display throughout the design of the space (feature lighting/vinyl wall graphic/bulkhead). Overall design was inspired by the robotics coursework and that language was used in the ceiling as well as the robotics tables.

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