Universal Electric Corporation
Universal Electric Corporation



Canonsburg, PA


170,336 sf.


Offices, manufacturing labs, warehouse space

Design for Place

Making Impressions

The existing pre-engineered metal building was set back far from Georgetown Road, and did not have a visual presence indicative of a world headquarters. By designing an appropriately scaled and skinned addition more proximate to the road, Universal Electric Corporation was able to better convey a corporate image worthy of an industry leader.

Universal Electric Corporation

Design for Connectivity

Unity of Processes

The additions to and renovations of the existing Universal Electric Corporation building increased the ease of information transfer between sales persons, engineers, and plant staff, while at the same time providing for future growth. As a result, UEC was able to dramatically increase the efficiency of their operation and significantly decrease the time frame from order placement to product shipment.

Universal Electric Corporation

Design for Wellness

Facade System

The “bar code” concept is utilized throughout the project with the use of multi-colored metal panels and glazing. As such, the “bar code” represents the many phases of production involved in the entire Universal Electric Corporation manufacturing process. The stick-built curtainwall and insulated metal panel facades organized the administrative and manufacturing spaces by providing controlled natural light in the manufacturing areas, and abundant natural light in the administrative areas.

Universal Electric Corporation

Design for Accessibility

In an effort to effectively integrate the engineering and operations employees with the manufacturing process, offices were relocated and placed adjacent to the production facilities. This strengthened the interface between those designing and those fabricating the products. The UEC addition also included various amenities for the workers, including expansions to the fitness and locker rooms, expansions to the existing break rooms, and two new employee break rooms. By distributing these spaces throughout the facility, all employees were provided with more convenient access to these resources.

Universal Electric Corporation

Design for Efficiency

The existing shipping and receiving docks were reassigned to solely serve shipping needs, and new docks were constructed for solely receiving of materials. By separating the shipping and receiving functions, the renovation allowed for better flows of materials throughout the production spaces and prevented truck traffic backups in the loading docks. An expansive break room was included adjacent to the production space to provide convenient resources to the staff therein. This added to the productivity of the manufacturing staff by eliminating the need to leave the production floor for such amenities.

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