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R3A  has recently completed the renovation to the Heaton Family Learning Commons and Beck Library at Butler County Community College.

The project consists of a facility re-envisioningfrom a currently under-utilized and outdated library environment into a forward thinking, flexible library of the future which will act as an Intellectual and Societal Hub for the Campus and Outward Community. The renovation will encompass all 24,000 square feet on both floors of the existing facility as well as create a new exterior identity by the creation of an iconic belltower. Exterior reading areas, sidewalks, and landscaping will be included as part of the masterplan. The renovation will be phased to occur while keeping the existing facility operational.

The renovation will include perfunctory upgrades to the MEP/ FP infrastructure and a new code compliant toilet core per floor. Changes to the structure that go beyond cosmetic to a functional requirement isreopening up the existing 30’  x 30’ pyramid skylight to allow natural light to penetrate into the library, creating a new atrium in the process, located at the center of the 9 square grid.  This floor opening will facilitate vertical circulation, visual connectedness between floors and spaces, further facilitate the access to natural light. A new main entrance point will be provided along the existing facade to capture the students natural circulation paths.  

Community spaces will include collaborative and flexible meeting/ classrooms, computer labs, Interactive flat wall panels, dedicated large and small flex - video, audio recording studio, shared distance learning broadcast room capabilities, Focal information kiosk and resource desks as security checkpoint where E-readers and checkouts may be supported.  An integrated Cafe will act as a hub linking the community and group functions with interspersed periodical resources.

Study spaces will be defined by sliding glass walls / doors leading into the small community group study rooms placed at perimeter of open area. This will provide visual connectivity and a link to the active environment while facilitating the required acoustical privacy per group/ individual. Private/ individual seating carrels will be provided along the windows and along the stair landings. Loose comfortable furniture will be provided in the open areas.  Small private study areas will be intermixed amongst the stacks slated to remain.