Program included:

  • Update finishes materials in the Commuter Lounge.
  • New lounge area with community kitchenette and TV.
  • Reconfiguration of space with new furniture, lighting, and controls.
Completion Date



McKeesport, PA


1,875 sf.

The Commuter Lounge is equipped with a kitchenette, allowing students to prepare snacks and meals during their breaks. The lounge area includes comfortable seating and a TV, creating a space for students to unwind and socialize. In addition, there is a quiet study area where students can focus on their coursework without distractions.

The project included updating the finishes and materials in the Commuter Lounge, creating a modern and inviting space for students. The lounge area was reconfigured with new furniture, lighting, and controls, making the space more functional and adaptable to the needs of the students.

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